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We use magic to create a just world full of possibility in communities worldwide. Entertaining, Educating and Empowering.

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We believe that learning, practicing, and performing magic transform at-risk youth’s lives by awakening dreams and the hope that the impossible is possible.

I the past year we have visited Ukraine in three ocations and have created our education chapter there, in Lviv.

We created a unique long-term education program that increases a child’s self-confidence, discipline, focus, and self-esteem. This allows them to raise themselves out of poverty and enthusiastically create a hopeful future.

This program is implemented in the slums of big cities. Mainly in Latin America: Bogotá, Medellín, Barranca de Upía (Colombia), Curridabat (Costa Rica) Ahuachapan, Santa Ana, San Salvador (El Salvador) , India (Mumbai), Cape Town (South Africa) and the United States. The magic classes of 10-20 children meet weekly to learn, practice and eventually perform magic. These classes continue for at least a year; some have been going on for as long as seven years.

We also give them entrepreneurial skills training so that they can sell magic services to gain extra income.

Since 2002, Magicians Without Borders has traveled to over thirty countries using magic to entertain, educate and empower. By UN estimates we have entertained over 500,000 of the most forgotten people in the world –mostly refugees and orphans living in desperate, difficult and often war torn parts of the world. Detailed accounts of this work can be found on our Our Travels page. We are also educating children in Santa Ana, El Salvador, Mumbai, India and Bogata, Colombia to become magicians. As they study magic, they develop self-confidence, self-esteem, discipline, focus and a sense of personal power. We have also established a Scholarship fund to empower these children to finish High School and go on to college, nursing school, and culinary school.

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