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Live It Learn It

Reducing educational inequities by providing hands-on classroom lessons and field experiences for students in DC Public Schools.

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We all need access to places that spark excitement, curiosity, and joy. And Washington, DC is filled with those kinds of destinations.

However, too often that connection to the city and access to amazing places isn’t happening for DC students.

That’s where Live It Learn It comes in.

With Live It Learn It, students visit world-renowned museums, explore memorials and historical landmarks, tour iconic government buildings, and engage with the special places that make our city home.

We do more than just take students on a field trip. We provide a classroom pre-lesson to get students familiar with relevant ideas, vocabulary, and people. Then, we take students to places that bring learning to life. We wrap up with a post-lesson that gives students the opportunity to create meaning through art, writing, music, and more.

Students learn about new ideas and visit new places – often for the very first time.

Washington, DC
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A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 35-2247059

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