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KAMB Coastal Translators



KAMB is expanding it's reach to the Coast with the addition of 3 Translators located in Santa Cruz, Salinas, and South San Jose.

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KAMB has a unique and rare opportunity to expand God’s Kingdom in Central California. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will not allow any new radio frequencies, but KAMB has licenses and frequencies to broadcast to a listening audience of 2.5 million people. What other regional Christian ministry has such reach? The leadership of Celebration Radio wants to leverage this platform to further expand God’s Kingdom and inspire the transformation of lives. Christians and non-Christians throughout Central California need the hope and answers that Christ provides. With strategically invested resources at this time, KAMB can be that constant source of encouragement and support for generations to come.

To move forward, KAMB needs more flexible and functional space. Expanded studio space will allow KAMB to produce inspiring and locally relevant radio shows, podcasts, videos, and social media posts. Technology to create these additional resources also needs to be enhanced to make production quicker and easier. Outside the studio, additional and more effective office space is also needed. This space will allow volunteers and staff to communicate with listeners, write broadcast content, and host community events. KAMB aims to add flexible event space, capable of hosting several hundred people for concerts, guest speakers, and meetings. This space will provide a place for listeners and community members to seek Christian fellowship outside a church venue. Not all listeners are comfortable going to a church as their first Christian function. This event space can help introduce listeners to Christian fellowship and then encourage them to seek a local church.

KAMB’s plan goes beyond content development and a building. The board and leadership also want to expand KAMB’s reach and listenership. KAMB has purchased three translators that broadcast to over 500,000 people from South San Jose through Santa Cruz and down to Monterey. Securing these translators has ensured that those regions have a local source for Christian encouragement for years to come.

Access to local, quality Christian content is not enough though; people need to tune-in and engage. KAMB intends to grow its awareness within its coverage area so that more people know it is there for them. Thus, KAMB is in the process of developing a multi-year marketing strategy to proactively invite people in the market to tune-in. A carefully placed advertisement on social media or on a bus can be just the prompt that prospective listeners need to give KAMB a try. Moreover, securing marketing and events staff will help KAMB maximize its reach and engage the community at deeper levels than before. With an increased exposure, improved content, and expanded broadcasting options, KAMB’s listenership and impact will grow as well.


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