Instituto Terra

With your support we can continue to restore the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.

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We have recovered more than 600 hectares of Atlantic Forest

Instituto Terra is a non-profit civil organization founded in April 1998. It is dedicated to environmental restoration and sustainable social and rural development in the Rio Doce Valley. The region was originally covered by the Atlantic Forest and includes municipalities of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo that are bordered by the Rio Doce Basin. To achieve this goal, it develops projects ranging from forest restoration and protection of springs to applied scientific research and environmental education. Our 5 pillars: 1 - Ecosystemic restoration 2 - Production of native seedlings 3 - Environmental education 4 - Environmental extension - "olhos d'água" program (water springs) 5 - Applied research Our mission is: To promote sustainable development through the restoration and preservation of forests, environmental education, correct use of natural resources and research.


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