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We believe every child deserves a quality education. We transform lives in Zambian communities through education and innovation

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We believe every child deserves a quality education. We transform lives in rural Zambian communities through education and innovation, at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.
Over the last decade, thousands of schools have been built in Africa with the goal of providing universal access to education. However, without trained teachers, strong management, and high-quality learning materials, many of these schools are failing to produce quality results.
Our focus is beyond the build. One of our key programs, the eSchool 360, is a holistic education program centered on empowering teachers with tablets, activity-based lessons, support and weekly coaching. We developed the eSchool 360 model as a way to sustain high-quality education for less than $5 a month per student. We serve over 6,000 students across 43 schools, covering early childhood through seventh grade.
Our work also extends beyond the lines of traditional education, towards a shared mission of improving the overall lives of rural children in Zambia. We design and implement a variety of projects that aim to help all of our students, including early childhood education, financial literacy, child protection, girls and women empowerment, environmental sustainability, and life skills and sexuality. With the school as a starting point, we are able to make broad changes across families and communities to improve not only their educational outcomes, but also their overall wellbeing.
Currently, we are part of a large-scale randomized controlled trial evaluation across 30 schools and 3 districts, conducted by American Institutes for Research. The initial results after one year of our program show impressive results in literacy and math – compared to a control group, our schools increased math achievement by 55% and literacy achievement by 103%. At the end of grade 1, our students were 12 months ahead on numeracy and 22 months ahead on literacy.

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