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GRP's mission is to advance resilience through innovation, knowledge and policy.

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1) GRP’s organisational history;

Global Resilience Partnership (GRP) was founded in 2014. GRP advances resilience through identifying and scaling on the ground innovation, generating and sharing knowledge, and shaping policy. GRP is made up of 60+ organisations that have joined forces to work together towards this vision. GRP is registered as a non-profit organization in South Africa and co-hosted by the Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University. It has held agreements with governments, private sector entities, multilaterals, and philanthropic organisations.

2) GRP’s organisational strengths;

GRP’s value to its partners includes:
• Access to expertise in resilience science and development practice
• Proven innovation and incubation track record
• Connectivity and creditability with grassroots organisations
• Global standing and influence on resilience and development policy
• Power of partnership – we are stronger than the sum of our parts

The following are three core organisational strengths:

Values. GRP has outlined and expects all partners to share and promote the following fundamental values over and above the Partnership Commitment (noted below):
• Internationally proclaimed human rights
• Social sustainability and ethical behavior
• Gender and other forms of equality
• Environmental responsibility
• Fight corruption and promote transparency

Partnership Commitment. GRP is an inclusive and collaborative partnership that seeks to create a global movement for resilience that raises the profile and catalyses actions for resilience. GRP is currently comprised of more than 60 organisations, which bring together a broad range of skills, capacities and perspectives and provide powerful collaboration opportunities. The success of the Partnership is dependent on Partners working together. To do this, Partners are expected to work on specific actions under GRP’s three interlinked areas of work: Innovation, Knowledge, and Policy.

Governance Structure. GRP has a stong and supportive governance structure. GRP has three bodies supporting their governance:

• GRP Partners – Organisations active in resilience, who share GRP’s vision and values, and have formally joined the Partnership.
• Advisory Council – Members who advise the implementation of GRP’s strategy and plans.
• GRP Secretariat – A small team that convenes and catalyses actions by the Partners and implements specific activities on behalf of the Partnership. The Secretariat is co-hosted by the Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC) at Stockholm University and GRP NPC in South Africa.

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