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A platform that lets anyone sponsor monthly internet fees & laptops for the underprivileged students of Africa & Asia

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2.7 billion people worldwide lack Internet access even though they live in an area with Internet coverage. They are offline because they cannot afford connectivity and devices.
Lack of access to knowledge causes poor health, shorter lifespan, unemployment, and gender inequality. is a platform that let's anyone for as little as 1 USD sponsor monthly Internet fees and laptops for underprivileged students living in refugee camps, rural areas, and underserved communities.

Through our strong local partner network, we provide laptops, connectivity, and training to our students in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Today we work in Uganda and Bangladesh and expanding operations to Kenya, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Ghana, India and Lebanon

We focus on being 100% transparent. Donors receive monthly transparency reports with details about students' achievements, and on how their money was spent.

We ourselves come from a developing country, witnessing civil war and collapse of the education system, access to the internet gave us a chance for a better life. To give this opportunity to others, we have been working on educational projects since 2015.

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