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Delivering unconditional cash directly to the world's poorest households via secure mobile transfers.

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COVID-19 has pushed 150 million more people into extreme poverty worldwide. You can empower them to meet their needs by giving unconditional cash transfers to the poorest households in the US and Africa. Why cash? Because the best way to alleviate poverty is to make people less poor. If the disruption of pandemic taught us anything, we need simple, direct ways to help the most vulnerable. Giving directly is a fast, efficient, proven, and empowering way to do so.

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A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 27-1661997


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    Haran Ramachandran

    There is too much poverty, need and inequality in this world and those of us who cannot do anything directly can at least try and help in any way we can. A big thank you to organizations like yours which support effective nonprofits.

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    Andrew Forsyth

    Not sure how I could spend $10 a month better than giving it away to someone who needs it a lot more

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    Heather Heckman

    We pledged to give 1% more of our annual income to people living in extreme poverty this year

  • Felix Mbuga

    I gave because I was moved by the stories of extreme poverty I heard when I recently visited Kenya (one of the countries GiveDirectly delivers donations to): kids having to steal 50 cents in order to eat, kids not having money to buy shoes ...

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    Tannen Todd

    Effective Altruism movement. 10% Pledge at Giving What We Can. Let's make a humongous change together.