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We are committed to inspiring, enriching + supporting youth in underserved communities through athletic development and education.

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Geo Baker Go Beyond Foundation aims to bridge the opportunity gap among youth in underserved communities by providing athlete-driven service programs and training designed to unlock their greatest potential on and off the court, through charitable acts and partnerships.

Our goal is to partner with like-minded non-profits, schools, community/recreation centers to carry out our 4 pillars:

Acquiring a sense of purpose and connectedness, while contributing positively to the development of underserved communities through dedicated, charitable service.

Provide underserved communities with programs that allow us to develop our youth to their fullest potential, socially, physically and mentally.

Partnering with charities on initiatives that focus on youth sports inclusion, the whole person, and the development of underserved communities in NJ.

Raising awareness among the community by leveraging communication channels highlighting charities via volunteer work supported by social media campaigns featuring role models that positively influence society.

Providing training for youth to grow and develop, using knowledge from playing at the highest level, thus putting student-athletes in the best position to succeed on and off the court.

Conduct basketball clinics for local youth players, consisting of fundamental basketball drills, speed/agility drills, and educate on the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Sponsorhip of youth sports teams in underserved NJ communities

Collection and donation of athletic equipment to youth sports teams and NJ schools in need

Host annual events that will benefit local communities (ie. 3 x 3 tournament, shooting contests, etc)

Connect youth to appropriate AAU/travel teams to help further their level of play and exposure.

Supporting the development and growth of students to foster success in the classroom and in life, laying the foundation for future academic achievement, as well as mental health and physical wellness.

Utilize collegiate student-athletes organizations for tutoring services to empower the youth through education.

Partnership programs that include health and wellness education to ensure that kids live a healthy and productive life.

Partner with sports psychologists on the importance of mental health among student athletes.

Workshops highlighting the pros and cons of social media, as it applies to student-athletes.
Lecture series on what it takes to be an elite student athlete (on and off the court) consisting of topics such as:
- Importance of time management
- Leadership
- Recruiting Process
- Importance of Academics/Scholarships, etc

Playing a vital role in underserved communities by providing leadership and guidance to youth in both basketball and life.

Motivational lecture series to prepare our youth to succeed in on and off the court consisting of:
- Teaching and inspiring leadership
- Focus on teaching players a different mental skill to apply to their daily lives and athletic endeavors.
- Equip youth with the tools and strategies they need to boost their confidence, respond to adversity, resilience, overcome obstacles, and achieve greater success in all areas of their lives.
- Strengthen their minds and shift their mindset to optimize growth and development

Nearly 3 million NJ residents—or one-third of the state—live in or below the poverty line -15% are children (Source: Legal Services of New Jersey)

Only 22% of kids living in poverty get an opportunity to play sports.(Source: The Aspen Institute, Project Play)

The shift from low-cost or free, school or town-run recreation programs to the pay-to-play model across the US began around 2008, as cities and municipalities slashed recreation budgets and never restored them. Now 80% are pay-to-play (Source: John Engh, COO of the National Alliance for Youth Sports)

We can’t fully rely on schools - In 2022, the Physical Activity Alliance gave schools nationwide a grade of D– for physical fitness, reflecting MINIMAL access to regular physical education classes, gym time and equipment.
Research shows that participating in sports can lead to immediate and long-term benefits for youth, their families and communities.

THE POWER OF YOUTH SPORTS (Source: President’s Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition Science Board)
Improved teamwork, leadership, social skills, and social responsibility

Improved life skills (e.g., goal setting, time management, work ethic, empathy, overall health and wellness)

Improved educational + occupational skills (IE. determination, perseverance, grit, resilience, critical thinking)

High school athletes are more likely to attend and graduate from a four-year college

Higher levels of academic achievement

To provide athletic opportunities to all kids, creating places of organic integration, where friendship replaces economic and racial differences and the collective desire to play a sport they love.
We want to address equality and inclusion at every level, so that the underserved will not be left out of youth sports.

SEEK funding and grant opportunities to help support youth sports in underserved NJ communities

PARTNER with local non-profits/schools, community, etc to:

GENERATE awareness and provide training and mentorship to youth in underserved communities with the help of collegiate student-athletes.

SPONSOR youth sports teams in underserved NJ communities

DONATE equipment to youth sports teams and NJ schools in need

CONDUCT camps/clinics for underserved youth in NJ

HOST annual events that will benefit local communities

Since graduating from Rutgers University, Geo Baker has continued to conduct himself with the same drive and intensity that helped him excel on the basketball court and in the classroom. Only now has he shifted that energy towards entrepreneurial and business endeavors.

In addition to The Geo Baker Go Beyond Foundation, Baker has established GB Go Beyond, a NJ-based basketball training program that helps middle school and high school athletes unlock their fullest potential on and off the court.

“We are excited to have student athletes who are role models in the community give back by mentoring and training kids in underserved communities how to excel on and off the court. Sometimes all they need is someone who believes in them and is willing to guide them to a better way of life.” - Geo Baker

Geo Baker Go Beyond Foundation is a fiscally sponsored project of Edward Charles Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization (tax ID 26-4245043).

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