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Fungal Diversity Survey (FunDiS)

North America’s nonprofit that documents and protects fungi and their habitats through mobilizing community scientists.

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Our MISSION: FunDiS protects biodiversity through the conservation of fungi and their habitats by increasing knowledge and public awareness of their diversity and distribution, equipping and engaging community scientists, and partnering with land managers, conservationists, and scientists.

Our VISION: a world in which the fungal kingdom is fully documented, understood, appreciated, and protected.

Fungi underpin life on Earth and play many critically important ecological roles that enable plant and animal diversity, but we are losing fungi faster than we can document them due to habitat loss, pollution, over harvesting, and climate change. Without bringing fungi to the conversation, conservation is incomplete. Fungi make up one of life’s kingdoms – as broad a category as “animals” or “plants” – yet we’ve documented less than five percent of species.

Understanding if a species is thriving or declining relies on collecting lots of data from lots of people. FunDiS is building a network of community scientists to generate the level of data needed to understand the diversity of fungi and their habitats across North America and integrate our data into conservation action.

We have mobilized hundreds of amateur mycologists (people who love mushrooms) and engaged them in documenting fungi (including rare and threatened) and sequencing DNA from 8,000 documented specimens, helping us map and understand the fungal diversity in North America. Go to to learn how you can begin making your fungi observations matter! We track our donations closely as we are growing our organization and every donation makes a big difference. Thank you for your support.

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