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American Friends Of Yeshivat Kol Tzofayich

An experiential and interdisciplinary 7-12th school program based on the tenets of Torah V’Avoda at the foothills of Mount Carmel

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Kol Tzofayich, located in the majestic mountains of northern Israel, offers a truly one-of-a-kind school experience. This hands-on, camplike educational phenomenon has quickly grown from 28 to over 200 students in just four years. Offering customized, experiential education, students learn directly how each subject relates to real-world applications and situations. The study of math, for example, is in tandem with cabinetry design, while chemistry is experienced through culinary arts and cosmetology. “We unite real-world experience and classroom academics on a moment-by-moment basis,” says school founder Yehuda Rothner, a dynamo in the education world who was known globally for his phenomenal success running Camp Stone in the U.S. Those worlds must converge on a daily basis holistically in school. Every subject is capable of doing that.” The school, which includes grades 7-12, also offers a sociological and economic breaking-of-barriers, with students of all backgrounds uniting from throughout Israel, as well as the U.S., Russia, Ukraine and Ethiopia. “We provide students a sense of the whole and what the world really has to offer, giving them the skills to be successful in life.”
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 81-4354713