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An organization focused on education of orphans and transforming the lives of the poor.

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Friends of Agnes Charitable Foundation is working in Nellore, Andhra Prdesh state, India to educate orphans, train young women and men in skills to find jobs, provide clean drinking water, care for the persons with disabilities and elderly, and conduct free medical camps in rural areas.

In the years 2020 and 2021, our focus was to keep everyone safe in the pandemic and mitigate the spread. We organized vaccination. We gave essential food items like rice, dry beans, vegetables, cooking oil to 450 poor families in 12 villages.

At present, our focus is on the construction of "Alexandra Orphanage and Skill Training Center" to provide quality education to twenty to fifty orphans, teach skills to women and men to find jobs, care for the elderly, provide clean safe drinking water, feed the hungry, and free medical camps.

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