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Fond du Lac Area Women's Fund focuses on gender equity. Based in Fond du Lac, WI, with 501(c)3 nonprofit status granted in 2013.

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The mission of the Fond du Lac Area Women's Fund is to facilitate bold change for Fond du Lac area women and girls. We carry the mission forward through annual partnership grantmaking to like-minded local nonprofit agencies, as well as through our own programming. We further work to encourage philanthropy by women for women and girls.

We are the lead partner in the Fond du Lac Says No More initiative, which strives to raise awareness about power-based violence (domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse/neglect) in hopes of prevention and eradication of it.

All agency efforts are guided by five foundational pillars, as follow:
> Safety, Dignity and Freedom from Violence
> Economic Self-Sufficiency
> Health and Well-Being
> Education
> Leadership Development

We recognize the intersection between equity for women and girls and those representing traditionally marginalized groups, including but not limited to people of color, people living with disabilities and people from the LGBTQTIA+ community. Our commitment is fully described in our agency's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Positioning Statement, which ends with the following: "Our agency as a whole will join with community partners in the spirit of not only learning, growth and change internally, but also in identifying biases, -isms and inequities within local systems that adversely impact opportunities for women and girls. We will strive to utilize data and research, coupled with testimonial evidence, to bring forth understanding of the issues while advocating for meaningful systemic change."

We are striving to, at a minimum, have the makeup of our Board of Directors reflect the level of diversity found within our service area of Fond du Lac County, WI. Some points to reference about our Board's current demographic makeup:
> 91% women
> 14% people of color
> 9% people living with a disability
> 14% LGBTQIA+ community
> 9% military veterans
> 42% age 30-39; 27% age 40-49; 18% age 50-59; 13% age 60+
> 5% survivor of domestic violence; 36% survivor of dating violence; 9% survivor of stalking; 14% survivor of child abuse; 27% survivor of sexual abuse; 14% survivor of another violent crime

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