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FWI reduces the suffering of farmed fish by researching and executing evidence-based interventions in high-priority contexts.

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Fish Welfare Initiative staff member Sanjay takes a water quality measurement at a farm in Andhra Pradesh, India.

The mission of Fish Welfare Initiative (FWI) is to reduce the suffering of farmed fish as much as possible. We do that specifically by researching and testing evidence-based welfare interventions, and then implementing them in high priority contexts. Our main implementation program right now focuses on collaborative farmer outreach in India to improve water quality and reduce stocking densities. As of this writing, this program currently works with about 100 farms ( FWI also invests significantly in research to identify and test more promising welfare improvements (

Thanks to the support of all those who have donated, as of this writing FWI estimates that we have improved the lives of about 1.5M fish. You can learn more about our impact and how we came up with these numbers at

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