ENAI - Africa (Ewang'an Nadede Advocacy Initiative)

Our Urgent Need: Water

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ABOUT US Ewang'an Nadede Advocacy Initiative (ENAI - Africa) is a community-based organization serving more than 3500 people living in Indigenous pastoral communities in Kajiado County, a remote rural region of the south rift in Kenya. ENAI was established by Maasai community member Dr. Lanoi Parmuat to advocate for, protect, enlighten and empower Indigenous women and girls, 78% of whom the issue of female genital mutilation (FGM) and child marriage remains a sad reality. Today our programs have grown to include: Education and Health Services * Anti-FGM Advocacy and Response * Food Security, Nutrition, and Livelihood Support * Natural Resource Management and Governance OUR URGENT NEED: WATER Kenya is currently facing its worst drought in 40 years. The drought has wiped out crops, livestock, and deepened a growing hunger crisis. Acute malnutrition in children under 5 is prevalent and recent outbreaks of cholera have been reported due to lack of access to clean water. Currently, the community that ENAI supports has only one drilled well which serves 3500+ people and livestock and requires a 2–5-mile walk each day to collect water. This manually operated well serving 200 children has run dry and needs to be replaced SOLUTION: Drill 4 Water Wells (Bore Holes) 1 well = $20k Having a sustainable water solution in the community will: Encourage children to return to and remain in school through a school and community feeding program thereby reducing the rates of early marriage, teen pregnancy and creating a healthier community for everyone. Enable the pastoral community to water their animals and to plant and maintain trees, vegetable and fruit gardens. Enhance the community's ability to respond and prevent waterborne diseases like cholera and improve general sanitation and health conditions.
Establish sustainable food security practices in line with SDG-2 (Zero hunger) Your support is greatly appreciated. Ashe oleng - thank you! ENAI Africa is guided by the vision of a healthy, food secure, good governance and developed pastoral community in Africa.

Kajiado, Kenya
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