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Empower leaders to transform education in Colombia, make Colombia a more equitable country through education.

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Colombia faces enormous challenges of access, quality and permanency in education. 75% of boys and girls from 0 to 5 years do not receive early education (Wasserman 2020), just 42,8% of young people in the age range to be in 10th and 11th grade have a school to attend (Fundación Corona, 2019). Regarding quality, 33% of 15 year old students reach level 2 (out of 6) in the PISA tests (OECD 2018), and about the permanence of students, only 44% that start school finish 11th grade. This is exacerbated due to the armed conflict in Colombia, being the first country in LATAM where the first cause of death is violence. Displacement of millions of families has been a direct consequence of this, which added to the actual migration of Venezuelans, constitutes a big challenge to relocate and secure them job,health and educational opportunities.

In 2011, a group of 3 young men came together to create an organization to address educational challenges. Enseña por Colombia has a unique, locally rooted but globally informed model, which has been successful in 60 countries that currently implement it. Our strategy is based on our belief that to tackle the educational challenges in Colombia we need diverse leadership on different levels of the system, so that diverse professionals, experienced teachers, students and school principals connect with the mission of improving education and achieve transformative results in themselves and in their communities. These experiences are lived through programs, learning communities, meeting places, and special projects that foster transcendent leadership.

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