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Deeply Rooted Learning Center (Deeply Rooted LC Inc)

Cape May County nonprofit dedicated to traditional skills & hands-on learning in nature. Nurturing Curiosity, Growing Community.

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Our Mission: Through nature and hands-on learning we help families develop personally, professionally, and spiritually.

We strive to provide a social and enriching community to support families and create a new generation of thinkers and doers by providing opportunities to learn traditional skills, art, history, and farming.

We offer free or low-cost classes, clubs, field trip opportunities, social events, a library, and resources to local families. There is always something fun going on at our Learning Center!

Our goal is to create a community that respects a child’s curiosity, imagination, and love for learning while teaching kids, teens, and adults real world skills they can use for life.

We yearn to elevate childhood and equip and encourage community families and establish a learning environment that fosters a child’s creativity. With our unique geographical location and proximity to the Coast Guard training center, we also provide a home for homeschooling or non-traditional schooling students as well as transient members of the community.

Deeply Rooted Values
Our core values guide every aspect of our work and interactions.

Creating Community:
Our gatherings transcend the boundaries of traditional schooling by providing a space where kids, teens, and adults learn hands-on skills not found in a classroom. We provide a space for all students after school, as well as homeschooling and non-traditionally schooled families where students, instructors, and members can connect, forge friendships, and build a robust community that supports each other's educational journeys.

Exploring Nature:
Through our clubs and classes we invite families to experience education in its most natural form—immersed in the great outdoors. By learning from nature, children develop an appreciation for the world around them, embracing its beauty and wisdom. By staying connected to nature, teens and adults lay the roots and foundation for personal and spiritual growth.

Honoring Each Other:
We celebrate the diversity of all families from public and private schooled, to homeschooling and non-traditionally schooled families, especially with regard to service families that move often. Every family's educational approach is unique, and our community honors these differences, creating a welcoming environment where every perspective is valued.

Affordability for All:
We recognize that families who choose alternative schooling paths may have distinct financial considerations. We also acknowledge that learning traditional skills can be expense and out of reach for many. By offering low to no-cost options for all our gatherings, we ensure that families can access enriching experiences without financial constraints.

Excellence with Heart:
With a heart-centered approach, we bring excellence to every activity and event we organize. Our commitment to quality education and genuine care for our community shines through in everything we do.

Cape May Ch, NJ
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 84-2597357