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Charlies Animal Rescue Centre - CARE

CARE works for the cause of injured, sick, abandoned, abused street animals of Bangalore

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Charlies Animal Rescue Centre – CARE was established in January 2013 with the aim of providing state of the art, timely medical help to injured and ill street animals in the city of Bangalore. The inspiration behind CARE is Charlie, a differently abled 3 legged Indie dog who was an established figure in the field of animal assisted therapy since 2005. Charlie passed away in 2017 but his legacy lives on in the work at CARE.

CARE has the following services:

  1. Emergency Rescue Helpline
  2. Animal Ambulance Services
  3. Fully quipped Trauma Care Facility with X-Ray, Ultra Sound, ECG, Blood Analyzer, Laser Therapy etc. Operation Theater with Gas Anesthesia Machine, Oxygen Facility, Vet, Laser, Vet Monitor, Dental Scaling etc.
  4. Inpatient Housing Facility for 80 dogs & 25 cats
  5. Isolation Facility for communicable disease like Canine Distemper, Parvovirus
  6. Adoption & Rehoming of Cats, Dogs, Pups, Kittens
  7. Volunteering Opportunities
  8. Humane Education in Schools & Colleges
  9. Animal Cruelty Cases & Prevention of cruelty
  10. Animal Assisted therapy
  11. Special Tactical Rescue Team – CARE Force
  12. Rabies Helpline for Bangalore City

CARE is also home to 122 dogs, 27 cats, 8 rabbits, 23 guinea pigs, 22 hens & roosters, 12 ducks, 3 pigs, 35 birds, 20 terrapins, 23 turkeys all of whom were victims of neglect, abuse or were abandoned. These animals live permanently with CARE.

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