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Busajo NGO ETS deals with the recovery and reintegration of street children - boys and girls - in Soddo in southern Ethiopia.

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Busajo NGO ETS was born in Florence in 2009 and deals with the recovery and reintegration in family and society of the street children - boys and girls - in Soddo, in southern Ethiopia. The street children are children who for disparate reasons - diseases, poverty, violence, hunger - have moved away or have been rejected by their families of origin, ending up on the road looking for a better life. It promotes education and professional training through its rehabilitation program and professional training taking place at Busajo Campus. The aim of the NGO is to support the younger generations by promoting projects in favor of the poorest children with more urgent needs, trying to achieve measurable results and progresses in the path of self-sufficiency, involving also the families and the population of their community. It focuses its interventions on non-assistance projects that tend to make the recipients autonomous, investing in their cultural, educational and professional growth, believing that this is the best way to guarantee them a better life of social integration, while helping them to regain confidence in their future. It also provides health and psychological care and favors the social and economic development of the territory. Busajo NGO works in partnership with local communities and authorities in order to prevent the phenomenon of family and school abandonment and to resolve the existing cases in a lasting and sustainable way. The project aims at the recovery of human dignity and contributes to the affirmation of equal opportunities in education, work, culture, sport and life. Our motto: Education = Future!
Firenze, Fi, Italia

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