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Bridge to Life Teen Homes is a California non-profit corporation dedicated to serving the local youth in Tulare County, CA.

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Bridge to Life Teen Homes is a California non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to serving the local youth in Tulare County, CA. Incidentally, Tulare County is the second largest Hispanic populated (65.5%) county in California.

Our main objective at Bridge to Life is to provide housing, support, and guidance to young individuals (ages 12-21) who have been subjected to traumatic environments, governmental foster programs, and low-income households. The individuals we serve would most likely be considered “at-risk” due to possible drug involvement/exposure, illegal activities, as well as other behaviors. Our ultimate goal is to be effective in helping them navigate their transition into independent adult living by bridging the gap between the present life-trajectory and a college-educated career path.

The Bridge to Life has established and has fully completed it’s non-profit, 501(c)(3) status and is presently in the application process with the State of California to be approved as an STRTP. Upon completion of the application process, The Bridge to Life will be the only approved STRTP in Tulare County, CA. This will allow teens ages 12-21 to be able to stay within their home community and not have to be transferred to other parts of the State or out of state which can increase risk of re-traumatization.

Currently, we are in the process of obtaining a license to operate two STRTP facilities in the city of Visalia, CA – one for 6 girls and another for 6 boys. These facilities have already been leased by Bridge to Life Teen Homes and are equipped for comfortable and safe living. Our bilingual specialists will provide culturally sensitive support and guidance to the young individuals in our care. They will help them navigate the challenges they face and ensure that their unique needs are met. We are committed to providing the resources needed to help these young people succeed in every way.

We kindly request support for Bridge to Life Teen Homes in the following areas:

1. Vehicle: To effectively provide for and support the educational and required social services to our youth, it is important for us to have our own means of transportation. This is especially crucial as these young individuals will most likely attend different schools within the cities of Tulare County. We will also take responsibility for transportation to meetings with social workers, court dates, and medical appointments. Having a reliable vehicle is essential for transporting up to 15 passengers (including the driver, personnel and 12 residents) to and from their destinations.

Therefore, we are seeking your support in the acquisition of a minibus, such as the Ford Transit Passenger Van XL or a similar vehicle with a 15-passenger seat capacity. According to the pricing listed on the Ford official website, a minibus of this nature would cost approximately $57,000.00, including tax and licensing. We humbly request funding in the form of this amount or for a similar vehicle that meets our transportation needs.

2. Renovation: We kindly request support for Bridge to Life Teen Homes in remodeling one of the bathrooms in our boys' home. While the facilities we have leased are generally in good condition, this particular bathroom is in need of renovation to ensure it is clean and safe for our youth to use. With an estimated cost of $30,000, we aim to create a comfortable and hygienic space that promotes the well-being and dignity of the young boys under our care.

By contributing to the remodeling of this bathroom, you will directly impact the lives of the boys residing in our teen home. Your support will not only provide them with a basic necessity but also help create a sense of security, fostering a positive environment for their growth and development. We sincerely appreciate any assistance you can provide towards this important project.

3. Furniture: Although we have already leased the two facilities, we haven't furnished them yet. Your contribution towards furnishing our teen homes will greatly enhance the living environment for the youth under our care. Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere is crucial in providing them with a sense of belonging and stability.

We understand that furnishing both homes comes with a significant cost, estimated at $20,000 for each house, totaling $40,000 for both. However, we firmly believe that investing in the comfort and well-being of our youth is invaluable. With your generous support, we can create an environment that promotes a sense of security and well-being, allowing the young individuals to focus on their personal growth and development.

4. Accreditation: According to the law we are required to obtain national accreditation from an approved accreditation agency. Obtaining national accreditation is also a crucial step in ensuring the quality and effectiveness of our teen homes. We have chosen to work with the Council on Accreditation (COA), a reputable and approved accreditation agency. However, this process comes with a significant cost, estimated at $13,000-15,000 for the four-year accreditation.

By investing in national accreditation, we are demonstrating our commitment to providing the highest level of care and support for the youth under our care. This accreditation will not only enhance our organization's credibility but also ensure that we are meeting the rigorous standards set by COA. Your support towards covering the fees associated with this accreditation will contribute to the overall success and sustainability of our teen homes, ultimately benefiting the youth and their well-being.

The total amount of support which is needed for all the areas mentioned above is $140,000. We greatly appreciate any contribution you can provide, whether it be for the full amount or for specific areas of need.

We genuinely appreciate your consideration of our request and the potential impact it could have on the lives of the youth we strive to serve. It would contribute significantly to our mission of empowering these young individuals to maximize their potential in building a brighter future for themselves.

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