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Raising awareness of systemic racism and racial disparities in the United States through virtual fitness challenges.

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beneFIT Fitness Challenges is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit that raises awareness of systemic racism and racial disparities in the United States through fitness challenges. Many American citizens stand against racism, but do not know how to get involved. At beneFIT, challenge participants can promote social equality simply by moving their bodies. Also, many Americans are unaware of the deeply rooted issues that have perpetuated systems of control for people of color and other marginalized populations for centuries. beneFIT aims to educate others about social injustices by tying the amount of activity and the funds donated to statistics about social injustices that exist today.

beneFIT is focused on painting a picture of the broad, overarching ways in which systemic racism manifests in our modern society so includes challenges that highlight multiple aspects of racial injustice and racial disparities. Participants track their activity using their fitness watch (Apple Watch, Garmin, Fitbit, etc.) and submit their activity on social media. That activity is then turned into a donation that we make to an organization whose mission aligns with the issue we are highlighting that month.

beneFIT emphasizes the importance of participants' engagement within their physical community and the e-community. Participants are encouraged to explore connections to social injustices where they live and share their experiences/reflections with others via social media which connects participants to the cause on a deeper, more personal and emotional level. As a result, participants are then equipped with the most powerful tool to facilitate real growth and change in our society: a story to be told, a conversation to begin.

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