Asociacion De Orquestas Infantiles Y Juveniles Del Peru

Music education and social transformation

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In 2011, Sinfonía por el Perú was founded by Juan Diego Flórez, the most famous opera singer of Perú and one of the best in the world. His vision was to consolidate a plan for social and educational development through musical activities. This is why Sinfonía por el Perú implements music education centers, addressed to a young vulnerable population, which we call Cores and Modules. Cores are places where the choir and orchestra programs take place. Modules are smaller centers, which only have choir ensemble, depending on Cores. Normally, they are situated in areas with difficult geographical access. In the Cores and Modules, the music is used as means for social inclusion. The program has created its own methodology based on some pillars: work articulated with the family, citizenship and community, safeguard and protection, artistic training of excellence and positive mentoring. This pillars enable the facilitation of several positive impacts on the beneficiaries: an increase in the children's self-esteem, an improved capacity to work in team, better behavior and development of soft and cognitive skills. The teaching method includes a repertoire of musical pieces that go from a basic to an advanced level. The repertoire was assembled for the daily work and to be practiced in a collective way. Part of the methodology is to work in group settings, this is why we create choirs, symphonic orchestras and popular music orchestras. The choir is a formula to democratize the musical practice, by forming large choral ensembles so that a lot more children can participate. The orchestra is also a way to work collaboratively but its musicians are typically older.

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