Asociacion de Capacitacion y Asistencia Tecnica en Educacion

Improve quality of life for children with disabilities in Guatemala

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Asociación de Capacitación y Asistencia Técnica en Educación y Discapacidad - ASCATED was founded in 1992 to improve the quality of life of children with disabilities and to support their families. We offer Technical Assistance, Guidance, Training, information and advice, research, aimed at institutional personnel, community personnel and parents in early childhood care, as well as contributing and facilitating processes of prevention, detection and early care of disability, school inclusion for children and young people with disabilities to regular school and their accompaniment in their labor inclusion in adult life. Attention to the disabled in Guatemala historically has been in the hands of the private sector, being mainly the movements of parents from children with disabilities, who have promoted the approach of the subject matter by the rights guarantor, ASCATED during these 30 years of service to Guatemalan society have provided support to these processes, thus giving rise tothe creation of Decree 135-96 that gave life to CONADI, the Special Education Law, among others. The purpose of this institutional curriculum is to publicize summarized the work and the main actions carried out by ASCATED in terms of training, technical advice, political advocacy, aimed at families of people with disabilities, their social environment, institutions of the State, civil society organizations, companies and the people with disabilities themselves; waiting like this show the contribution of our institution to the fulfillment of the rights of the population with disability in Guatemala. MISSION: Generate and support processes in the areas of education and disability to contribute to improving the quality of life of children, youth and population with and without disabilities, involving families, community, society and State through the implementation of our Programs at national level. VISION: We are a leading institution that through the fulfillment of our programs we contribute to generate and facilitate conditions of equity and equal opportunities for children, youth, population with and without disabilities and their families.

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