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Promoting archaeological field research and protecting cultural heritage

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ArchaeoExploration was established because the founders noticed a glaring lack of support for the lesser-known cultural heritage sites in remote regions. Often these are the areas that are not institutionalized by archaeological research departments at universities, leading to an absence of funding, limited resources, very few experts and thus a rapid decay of cultural knowledge and heritage sites before they can be recorded and preserved. The purpose of the foundation is to promote archaeological field research and accompanying media projects, particularly in Central, East, South-east and South Asia, the Arctic and the Pacific. We focus on geographical areas that are difficult to access and are rarely the subject of archaeological research campaigns. We preferably support projects with an explorative character that demand the project leaders to go the extra mile, work closely with local communities, and publish in top tier academic journals. Expeditions supported by the organization are usually carried out under difficult conditions and have a well-founded scientific question at heart which goes beyond iterative knowledge generation. Our projects produce results which offer approaches to solving macro-regional archaeological questions and shed light on key events of our shared human past.

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