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Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit registered in the United States with a globally distributed team dedicated to impactful animal advocacy. Our mission is to find and promote the most effective ways to help animals. We work toward that mission by evaluating charities, sharing our findings, awarding grants to organizations and promising projects, and fundraising for our recommended charities and grantees. Our organization opposes all systems of oppression and recognizes that they are connected and mutually reinforcing. Ultimately, our vision is a world in which no individual is given less than full moral consideration on the basis of any morally irrelevant feature of their identity, including species membership.

ACE is proud to be considered a leader in the effective animal advocacy movement. Our research comparing the different approaches to reducing the suffering of animals has led to rigorously reviewing charities that work to end factory farming and create meaningful change for farmed and wild animals. Through our Recommend Charity Fund, we have raised and distributed $8.1M to our effective recommended charities. Our Movement Grants program has awarded $5.3M to promising animal advocacy projects around the globe. Since we began tracking this metric in 2014, we estimate that ACE has helped to influence nearly $60M within the animal advocacy movement.

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