Permanently ending food waste/hunger by enabling 8K food pantries nationwide to receive surplus harvests from 62 million gardeners

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“ is the answer to the classic ‘excess supply not reaching the demand’ dilemma that has up to now resulted in vast amounts of food wasted in millions of gardens across America, while the needy in the community remained malnourished and hungry” Gary Oppenheimer, Nov 2010.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: has launched " in Indian Country" to help food pantries across Reservations nationwide to receive/distribute fresh food. More at is a one of a kind nationwide nonprofit that is eliminating the waste of locally grown fresh food, the outcome being a reduction in hunger and malnutrition along with an improved environment. It is accomplished by educating America's 62 million home/community gardeners that, despite the food drive "jars, cans, boxes" mantra, they can actually donate their surplus harvest, and they by providing a specialized food pantry search engine that enables them to make the donation to one of 8,000 local food pantries spread across all 50 states. These food pantries help nourish the one out of six Americans (including a quarter of all kids under six ) that rely on these pantries. guides the gardener to donate just hours before the hungry families come in to get the food - meaning the food pantry does not need costly refrigeration or storage, and the families get to take home food that was harvested only hours earlier.

We work with the entire Feeding America food bank network, the Master Gardener program, and other partner nonprofits with the goal of helping to assure that food donated reaches a hungry family in the community - quite possibly - right next door. has been highlighted on CNN Heroes, it won Points of Light, and was nominated for the World Food Prize.

Because we're addressing a misinformation as well as a missing information problem, this information based solution is both sustainable and sustained.

You can visit to understand the impact of your donation - this year and for the next 20 years.

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