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Active Philanthropy supports philanthropists, donor families, foundations and funders who wish to engage in climate action.

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Let's unleash the potential of climate philanthropy together.

We greatly appreciate your interest in supporting our non-profit work. We rely on donations to continue to fund our work towards making philanthropy a driving force for climate action.

Currently, only about 2% of all philanthropic capital worldwide flows into climate protection. This must change urgently. Your donation will help our team transform climate philanthropy into an accessible, effective and sustainable force of change for a better world.

Empowering climate philanthropists

Felicitas von Peter founded Active Philanthropy in 2006, driven by the idea of empowering philanthropists and entrepreneurs as a force for good. The organization has supported individuals, philanthropic families and, through its subsidiary ”Beyond Philanthropy”, foundations and corporations in maximising the impact of their philanthropic engagements. Expeditions to Greenland, to explore climate change and raise awareness for climate action have been part of Active Philanthropy’s programme from early on.

New focus: Fighting the climate crisis
In 2018, Active Philanthropy decided to refocus its activities on climate change and its impacts: Having supported philanthropic commitments on issues ranging from health and the well-being of vulnerable groups to social justice and democracy, the team had witnessed the ever growing effects which climate change is having on all of these causes. As a result, Active Philanthropy decided to expand its work to raise awareness for climate change, but also to help funders adjust their existing portfolio in light of the climate crisis.

This led to Active Philanthropy’s new intersectoral approach to climate philanthropy: Climate action not only facilitates better public health, social justice and the well-being especially of vulnerable groups. Any charitable portfolio supporting these causes also benefits from integrating a climate lens to make a lasting impact.

The new focus also prompted an organizational reset: In late 2018, Active Philanthropy and its subsidiary Beyond Philanthropy decided to go separate ways. Beyond Philanthropy – subsequently renamed Wider Sense – continued with an increased focus on projects around education.

Since 2019, Active Philanthropy has partnered with the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), one of the world’s leading funders of children’s issues and climate action. With a growing team of experienced and committed specialists in grant management, climate science, finance and impact measurement, we are now expanding our portfolio of services for philanthropists, foundations and corporations committed to protecting the planet for future generations.

Supporting climate action in cooperation with international partners
Active Philanthropy partners with leading international climate scientists, foundations and non-governmental organisations to generate and support efficient climate action through philanthropy.

Drawing on a wide network and the best available research, we support individual philanthropists, donor families as well as foundations and institutional funders in designing and implementing strategies that tackle climate change and its impacts. Expeditions to regions such as Greenland, which offer the opportunity to learn about climate change on a very personal level, remain a core feature of Active Philanthropy’s work.

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