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350.org works with people across the world to oppose those wrecking our climate and to fight for a sustainable future.

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We fight for a world beyond fossil fuels. We believe in a safe climate and a better future — a prosperous and equitable world built with the power of ordinary people, driven by renewable energy and rooted in justice.
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350.org’s global teams have been able to secure highly important victories, including, but not limited to the following (page numbers are associated with the FY23 Annual Report):

Empowering the Climate Movement:

  • Supported 490 network groups globally, underlining the organization's commitment to nurturing a vibrant climate movement community (Page 7).
  • Mobilized 94,701 people in climate actions and events, showcasing the massive scale of collaborative effort and community engagement (Page 7).
  • Trained 7,709 activists, demonstrating 350's dedication to empowering individuals within the movement through education and resources (Page 7).

#StopEACOP Campaign (Africa):

  • Successfully led to significant financial withdrawals from the East African Crude Oil Pipeline, with 7 additional banks and 8 insurers withdrawing support, marking a critical victory achieved in collaboration with over 260 civil society organizations (Page 11).

Türkiye Coal Divestment (Asia & Türkiye):

  • Influenced QNB Finansbank, The Turkish Economy Bank, and Şekerbank to commit to divesting from coal, a result of strategic advocacy and partnership with local organizations (Page 16).

Power Shift in Germany (Europe):

  • Achieved the formal severance of 26 municipal utilities from the gas lobby group "Zukunft Gas", highlighting the strength of collective action and grassroots mobilization (Page 22).

Vaca Muerta Pipeline Funding Halted (Latin America):

  • Blocked financing from the Brazilian Development Bank for the Vaca Muerta gas pipeline expansion in Argentina, a testament to 350's effective advocacy and partnership with regional environmental groups (Page 26).

Community Engagement and Legal Wins in the Amazon Basin (Latin America):

  • Successfully suspended public hearings and environmental licenses for gas exploration activities in the Azulão Field, showcasing the power of legal action and community mobilization in collaboration with the Amazon Coalition (Page 26).

Global Advocacy and Solidarity at COP27:

  • In Egypt, during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27), 350 significantly amplified the call for "Loss and Damage" to be recognized as a crucial agenda item. This was done in solidarity with global partners, linking environmental and human rights struggles and showcasing the critical role of grassroots activism from Pacific communities to African nations in shaping international climate policy (Page 9).

Promotion of Community-Centered Renewable Energy:

  • Across Africa, with a spotlight on Benin, Ghana, Nigeria, and Togo, 350 advanced community-centered renewable energy systems. They emphasized equitable access and justice through the release of a renewable energy report on Africa Day. In collaboration with local partners, such as 350 G-ROC in Ghana, they advocated for sustainable energy solutions, showcasing a direct engagement with communities facing energy poverty and championing renewable alternatives (Pages 12, 14).

Advocacy for Fracking Ban in Colombia:

  • In Colombia, 350's advocacy efforts contributed to the potential establishment of the first fracking ban in the Global South. This was achieved through collaboration with local organizations like the Corporación Regional Yariguíes (CRY), emphasizing the need for a just transition away from fossil fuels towards sustainable energy practices. Their work included educating hundreds on the impacts of fracking, demonstrating a deeply localized approach to global environmental advocacy (Page 27).

Building and Strengthening Global Movements for Climate Action:

  • From the United States to Indonesia, 350 nurtured the development of global social movements to tackle climate change. They empowered communities through collaborations with diverse groups, including Indigenous communities in the Amazon Basin and youth activists in Asia. By sharing resources, offering training, and facilitating cross-regional partnerships, 350 highlighted the collective strength and diversity of the climate movement (Pages 3-4, 19, 26).

Raising Awareness and Mobilizing Support for Renewable Energy:

  • Through targeted initiatives in Asia, specifically in Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Türkiye, 350 led efforts to raise awareness and mobilize support for the transition to renewable energy. They supported local communities in adopting solar and micro-hydro power solutions, as seen in the Climate Rangers Community's efforts in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and the Green New Deal initiative in Bangladesh. These campaigns underscored the importance of transitioning away from fossil fuels through local action and international solidarity (Pages 18, 19, 16).
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