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Union Station Kansas City Inc.

Kansas City, MO


Dedicated to preserving its historic monument and its stories, inspiring lifelong learning and creating lasting memories.

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Built in 1914, Union Station opens her arms with 850,000 square feet of amazing space that originally featured 900 rooms. In her prime as a working train station, she accommodated hundreds of thousands of passengers each year. During WWII, an estimated one million travelers – many of those soldiers – passed through the Station. The North Waiting Room (now Grand Plaza) held 10,000 people and the complex included restaurants, a cigar store, barbershop, railroad offices, the nation's largest Railway Express Building (used for shipping freight and mail) as well as a powerhouse providing steam and power. So many stories of farewells, reunions and of day-to-day vibrancy still echo in her walls. Just listen . . .

Our vision is to be Kansas City’s iconic symbol of inclusion, inspiration, lifelong learning, and its center for civic celebration.

Mid-sized organization
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 43-1890025


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