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An organization focused on education. It received its nonprofit status in 2020.

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My idea to create The Complete Student grew from my experience finding gaps in traditional education systems where schools did not provide students with opportunities to realize their full potential. I sought to build a school that celebrated limitless learning and championed learning in all directions not through academic material delivered by teachers, but through experiential learning built on collaboration, inclusion, and creativity among and between students of all abilities and their teachers.

I envisioned a school where students could demonstrate their comprehension of academic material using methods that highlighted their natural gifts and abilities. I also wanted classrooms to celebrate learning differences and create spaces where students learn to work together with the common goal of elevating all of their academic experiences together.

What I know is traditional education systems can’t provide a personalized student experience in a classroom with 30 students. Pulling struggling students out from the classroom for supplemental educational support isn’t effective teaching. Endless testing doesn’t help students learn. Dumping content onto students and asking them to repeat it isn’t a well-informed or proven educational method.

Decades of educational research indicates the most effective and successful educational models are those that teach to the student and not to the test. The Complete Student bases its philosophy and curriculum on the best practices born from this proven research.

Our classes are small. We set individual goals for each student based on their particular strengths and interests. Gifted and struggling students work and learn side-by-side, just as they would in the real world. The Complete Student teaches students how to think, not what to think. We value building personal skills, fostering emotional growth, and teaching students how to problem-solve. Creativity is always encouraged.

Today, we have 79 students and 9 teachers. We are growing quickly. Since we opened our doors at our Port Royal location six years ago, our student enrollment has grown steadily each year, we have expanded our campus to include two new art centers, and are in the process of raising funds for our 2022-2023 student scholars.

Thank you for your support and interest in The Complete Student and our mission to provide a limitless learning experience for our students.

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Head of School, The Complete Student

Limitless learning in all directions

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