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Team4humanity Foundation/Team4UA also known as HIT

We are a Foundation on a mission to introduce disruptive technologies in humanitarian emergency response, starting with Ukraine.

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Science & Technology

We are a team of tech entrepreneurs bringing technologies into the humanitarian emergency response in Ukraine, starting from the implementation of tech solutions for the humanitarian aid coordination to launching the program for rebuilding houses, schools, and infrastructure with 3D printing technology.

Currently, we are managing 4 projects:
- Response: Humanitarian aid delivery project aimed to support IDPs and deliver essential food and NFI for civilians as close as possible to the front line.
Starting in July the foundation partnered with the UN’s World Food Programme and now coordinates the delivery of up to 2500 tons of humanitarian aid and supports up to 180 000 people monthly

- Hive : A program for rebuilding houses, schools and critical infrastructure with 3D printing technology. The pilot project of HIVE is the new educational facility for the primary school in Lviv.
The project is created in partnership with Balbek bureau, Ars Longa, and supported by Lviv City Council.

-Hit Aid Map: An AI-powered map of Ukraine with ground damages, electricity, and water supply availability for humanitarian organizations to adjust their trips of humanitarian aid delivery.

- Hit Nadia: Mobile and web application designed for us and our partners for accurate distribution (avoiding duplication of beneficiaries), as well as a transparent reporting system according to the UN standards.

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