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Our mission is to ensure every companion animal has access to quality medical care, compassionate shelter, and a loving home.

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The San Francisco SPCA offers care and protection to animals in need, and we believe all cats and dogs (and the people who love them) deserve access to high-quality veterinary care. As the largest animal shelter in the San Francisco Bay Area and the first cageless animal shelter established in the U.S., we are transforming the way pet guardians and their beloved furry family members access lifesaving resources. At the SF SPCA, we are ensuring that access to care means access for all.

Through our public hospital, shelter hospital, and offsite community medicine clinics, we are reaching beyond ordinary care models to provide new, innovative pathways to service. Our Shelter and Adoptions teams rescue homeless animal, provide care, and adoptions services. We partner with shelters in the Central Valley as well as San Francisco Animal Care & Control to transport thousands of animals to the SF SPCA for medical care, behavioral services, and adoption. We also provide training and support – including telemedicine and emergency medical triaging – for our Central Valley shelter partners, most of whom do not have a veterinarian on staff. At our Adoptions Center, we offer an open adoptions process, with a goal of connecting animals with adopters who love them and inspiring a lasting bond for all.

Lack of access to care is the most significant animal welfare crisis affecting both owned and unowned pets in the United States. Each year in California alone, thousands of pets are unable to access veterinary care which leads to surrender, illness, and death.

The San Francisco SPCA is committed rescuing and finding loving forever homes for homeless animals in San Francisco, reducing the number of new animals entering the shelter system throughout California, and working to ensure accessible veterinary care for all owned and homeless animals in San Francisco and across California.

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