Rondebosch Boys' Schools Education Trust

Academic, sporting and cultural experience for boys in a nurturing environment

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The Rondebosch Boys' High and Preparatory Schools were established in 1897 in the suburb of Rondebosch, Cape Town, South Africa. There are 800 boys in the Prep School across 8 grades (ages 5 to 13) and 875 boys in the High School in 5 grades (ages 14 to 18). Boarding facilities are available for 135 High School boys who cannot commute on a daily basis, or live in home environments which are not always conducive to studying. Rondebosch is committed to continue building a balanced and inclusive school community to prepare our boys effectively for the future. Both the Prep and High schools attract boys from diverse backgrounds and various measures are in place including bursaries, scholarships and support programmes to provide assistance. The boarding facilities are being expanded in order to accommodate more boys and staff. Rondebosch maintains outstanding academic standards and embraces numerous cultural, sporting, community support programmes. It is consistently recognized as among the top performing public (state) schools in the Province and in South Africa. The Rondebosch Boys' Schools Education Trust was established in 1998 as a Charitable Trust separate from the schools and the Provincial & National Education Departments to hold funds, in trust, for the sole benefit of Rondebosch. In particular it is used to house bequests and donations made by Rondebosch alumni and others. Money raised is judiciously used for capital projects and scholarships for the boys of Rondebosch guided by the wishes of the donors.

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