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Rebuilding roofs in underserved communities throughout Puerto Rico while providing carpentry training to local residents.

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Our mission is twofold: We rebuild damaged roofs in under-served communities throughout Puerto Rico, while providing residents with basic carpentry training. This approach helps improve living conditions by improving housing and addressing the shortage of skilled construction workers on the island.

At PRoTechos, our approach to rebuilding involves working closely with the communities we serve. We network with local community leaders, other non-profits, and municipalities to locate the most urgent cases, and we focus on helping residents who do not have the financial resources to hire help for roof repairs. We prioritize homes with children, elderly, and sick or disabled occupants.

Once we have identified a candidate for roof replacement, we assess the roof. Our work is limited to roof repairs or reconstruction of metal roofs. If the homeowner and the roof qualify, our project manager performs a detailed assessment, taking measurements and creating a scope of work. Once release forms are signed, our project manager orders the lumber and other roofing materials, and works with the foreman to schedule the project.

Depending on the size of the roof and extent of the damage, it can take a team of two to four people between two and 10 days to complete. Rain often interrupts our schedule; for safety reasons, we do not allow anyone on a roof when it is wet. In all, each roof costs an average of $10,000 to complete, including materials and labor.

Carpentry and construction work are done by skilled carpenters and trainees who participate in our Learn and Earn apprenticeship program.

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