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Population Research Institute

Front Royal, VA


Works to end coercive population control, and fight the myth of overpopulation which fuels it.

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Debunk the myth of overpopulation, which cheapens human life and paves the way for abusive population control programs Expose the relentless promotion of abortion, abortifacient contraception, and chemical and surgical sterilization in misleadingly labeled “population stabilization,” “family planning,” and “reproductive health” programs. Defund these programs by exposing the coercion, deception, and racism inherent in them. Emphasize that people are the most valuable resource on the planet, the one resource we cannot do without. Promote pro-natal and pro-family attitudes, laws, and policies worldwide. Encourage programs to help the poor become agents of their own development.

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A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 54-1819935


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