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We strive for a just world that advances children’s rights and equality for girls.

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We believe girls will drive change to make our world a better place. If we can reach and uplift every girl, we can achieve equality. And we’ll all be stronger because of it.

Every girl’s potential is hers to discover, and her life is hers to live. It’s up to us to clear the path and let her take her next step.

So that’s what Plan International USA is doing. We are an international nonprofit organization, working with partners like you to tear down the barriers that keep a girl from the future she wants. In serving that mission, we’re addressing the root causes of poverty. Because when she takes the lead, she can lift up everyone around her.

Gender equality is a right, and we must work together to let her grow — men, women, girls, and boys. Why? An empowered girl shows her family that she’s worth being educated. She shows boys that they are equal to girls, and that boys can transform what it means to be a man. She reveals to her community that she can thrive in a “man’s job.” She changes the perspectives of her lawmakers, so they can help protect her and promote her success.

An empowered girl changes how she views herself. And that can change everything.
It’s not simple work, but it’s work worth doing. We’re all a part of the solution. And because of people like you, we have a team. When girls have a team behind them, they’ll have access to the futures that they choose.

Let’s plan on getting them ready to cross their finish line.

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