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Improving the quality of life for Trans folks through assistance programs and referrals to physicians.

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Nu Trans Movement Inc, provides assistance, training and education to local and state institutions to increase understanding of Transgender people. In Dallas, Texas the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the country with about 7.5 million residents, NTMI works to improve the quality of life for Trans folks through Hiv/Aids prevention & care, identity document assistance programs and referrals to physicians that provide hormone replacement and mental health therapy.

Nu Trans Movement Inc, envisions a world in which Transgender people are valued as a contributing member of society. We envision a world in which trans people of color are not murdered for simply living their truth. For this vision to become a reality, we must work together to rebuild a system and culture that was designed to exclude many groups of people.

Nu Trans Movement, Inc was founded in 2016 by a Transgender activist for the specific purpose of improving the quality of life for Trans-folk in Dallas, Texas. Starting out as a Facebook group, she quickly noticed the urgent need for services in the Transgender communities across the state of Texas. With continued support from the community, we now have 3  staff people, over 100 active volunteers and we are currently seeking our first office space.

Dallas, TX
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