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NewMusicSA (NMSA) is a non-profit organisation, founded 20 years ago to support contemporary music in South Africa . Its record of accomplishment includes, among many other activities, the production of yearly festivals such as the Indaba and Unyazi, commissioning dozens of new works, organising workshops and publishing academic bulletins. The organisation is currently the only African member of the International Society of Contemporary Music (ISCM), a "United Nations" of the contemporary music scene with over 60 chapters globally founded 99 years ago. The main objectives of the organisation are: ● To encourage the composition, performance, and curation of new works, in particular the work of South African composers. ● To develop young composers and performers, driving their careers forward ● To make information available on aspects of contemporary composition. ● To help foster communication between South African composers and performers who may represent diverse composition and performance traditions. ● To promote public awareness and appreciation of new works. ● To connect composers and performers with a wider audience. NewMusicSA has been invited to host the World New Music Days centennial celebration in 2023. This festival is an annual event held by the International Society of Contemporary Music (ISCM) of which NewMusicSA is the only African chapter. This international festival will take place in Johannesburg and Soweto from 24 November – 03 December 2023, featuring concerts by professional orchestras, ensembles, informal groups, collaborations and soloists. The music featured throughout the festival will include new and innovative works from across the international membership of ISCM, alongside a rich and varied array of music from Africa. NewMusicSA is excited for the opportunity to highlight South Africa's musical talent to visiting audiences from all over the world.
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