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Dedicated to performing the musical legacy of the Holocaust.

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Music of Remembrance fills a unique spiritual and cultural role in Seattle and throughout the world by remembering Holocaust musicians and their art through musical performances, educational activities, musical recordings, and commissions of new works. It is well known that the Nazi regime banned performances of music by living and historical Jewish composers, and by many others they deemed degenerate. But there were courageous musicians who dared to create even in the ghettos and camps. It is a priceless gift that much of this music has survived as moral and artistic defiance in the face of catastrophe. We must ensure that these voices of musical witness be heard. The Music of Remembrance mission is not religious, nor is its scope limited to Jewish music. Although the Holocaust was an assault on Jewish people and culture, others suffered as well in what was history's most potent instance of totalitarian suppression of intellectual and creative work. Musicians' resistance took many forms, and crossed many national and religious boundaries. This resistance cannot have been in vain. We must remember these musicians by preserving and performing their music. From the depths of human suffering comes the healing beauty of hope and renewal.
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