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We share our knowledge, hopeful that one day it will cease to be needed.

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Our mission is to offer scientifically-informed programs based in trauma-informed Mindful Awareness and Social-Emotional Learning which equitably support children, educators and communities with tools to manage stress and navigate life’s challenges.
As our world continues to suffer from man-made systemic struggles like poverty, inequality, racism, violence, isolation, and ACES, Adverse Childhood Experiences, the need for increased access mindfulness skills becomes even more profound. Scientific studies, experts like Ellen Langer, as well as our own professional experiences, demonstrate that when we address the issues that stem from our most basic instincts - fear and stress, the pervasive problems we see in humans are impacted for the better.

Scottsdale, AZ
Small organization
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 46-4253699