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Greetings-Rev. Perry
As senior pastor, I am certainly grateful for the God-given privilege to offer spiritual leadership to this faith community. I have been phenomenally blessed in so many ways, for that, I give thanks. I am grateful for the many hands, feet and faces that make up this congregation. Because of these hands, feet and faces, we are able to offer to our church family and community the ministry gifts that have been granted to us from God our Father.
As I continue to serve as senior pastor of Metropolitan Community Church, it is a joy to offer this year’s Church theme; “It’s All About Jesus” along with our scripture text Hebrews 13:8.
The servant leadership that is required to fulfill this theme is not simply to reveal Christ but also to become like Christ! The closer we come to the true experience of knowing Christ, the more we will think kingdom, talk kingdom and live out the principles of the kingdom.
We must grow to the measure of Jesus. It is his form that we are to take on:
the form of a servant,
the form of a teacher,
the form of one who is compassionate,
the form of one who is powerful,
and the form of humility.
The Lord will honor our work, and the Lord will bless it. God gave us gifts that we might bless and be blessed. Those gifts are our tools to help others, but they are also a road map to help us discover a deeper relationship with God. God is ready to do a new work this year, and God’s spiritual army is being called to the field to seek Him first.

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