Get people walking again in sub-Saharan Africa

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The World Health Organisation highlights that only 10% of people with limb loss in Africa have the prosthetics needed to live active lives. High rates of trauma- and diabetes-related amputations in sub-Saharan African countries mean that good-quality mobility aids are more necessary than ever. However, the cost of importing high-quality prosthetic components, plus the lack of prioritisation of government funding, means that institutions often cannot serve the populations who need them. There are high levels of poverty in the countries where we work. In areas with no alternative low-cost options, the cost of a new prosthetic leg - often thousands of dollars - is simply unattainable for most people. Legs4Africa aims to reduce that economic burden by enabling mobility centres to offer highly reduced costs. We are helping people with limb loss to combat the stigma, marginalisation and reduced access to employment that often accompanies the trauma of amputation. And we are reducing the risk of amputees and their families falling into the cycle of poverty. With your help, we can get more people back on their feet. Our Vision: The choice of affordable rehabilitation for people with limb loss across Africa Our Mission: To help people with limb loss live independently through the provision of prosthetic legs along with physical and emotional rehabilitation We are helping thousands of people a year to get back on their feet by rescuing legs that would otherwise end up in landfills. We are giving communities a leg up by partnering with local mobility centres and supporting local inclusive disability groups. There are three prongs to our work: We improve access to recycled prosthetic legs because everyone should have the opportunity to walk, work and dance again at an affordable price. We improve services because everyone should access good quality facilities, training opportunities and comfortable care. We improve the well-being of people with limb differences because everyone should have access to the support they need to get back on their feet. Visit our website for more info:
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