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We provide quality digital learning opportunities for communities in low-resource, low-connectivity contexts across the world.

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From above, we see the close-up of a learner sitting at his school desk, solving a math problem on a tablet. He’s in his school uniform, blue and yellow, the desk is a wooden desk.

Learning Equality is committed to fostering equitable and quality educational opportunities, enabled by technology, particularly in low-resource, low-connectivity settings. Our mission is rooted in the recognition that those with the least access to a quality education also lack access to the growing wealth of online learning resources. Today, 37% of the world lacks internet access, that’s nearly 3 billion people who are left on the margins, missing out on the potential of digital education. Through our innovative tools and programs, we actively bridge this gap, boosting learning outcomes in some of the world's most challenging environments, including refugee camps, rural schools, and out-of-school programs.

Since our establishment in 2013, Learning Equality has been a catalyst for change. Our vision is to create an equitable world where every learner develops agency, undergoes positive transformation, and flourishes. Our flagship ecosystem of tools, Kolibri, is centered around an open-source, offline-first learning platform that supports not only learners, but also educators and program administrators. Kolibri is actively shaping teaching and learning with tech but without the Internet globally. Learning Equality’s impact extends across 220 territories, reaching over 10 million users. Our approach addresses infrastructural barriers, advocates for open educational practices, and fosters student-centered, equitable learning environments. Leveraging Kolibri’s features, we've developed a unique approach to project-based learning. One that is playful and collaborative to enhance academic and critical thinking, as well as social-emotional skills in under-resourced communities. Furthermore, at Learning Equality, we are also at the forefront of creating AI/ML technology for new curricular alignment tools, addressing challenges in resource-limited areas.

Guided by our core value to ‘build community’, we collaborate with multilateral agencies, governments, local organizations, and other implementers to address the digital divide's impact on underserved communities. We prioritize active listening, collaboration, empowerment, and fostering sustainable community ownership in all our initiatives. With 222,444 global Kolibri installations and a diverse library of nearly 200,000 open educational resources (OER) in 173 languages, we are making significant strides toward a world where every learner thrives. Together, we can create a lasting impact on education accessibility and empower communities worldwide.

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