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Kinyeti Foundation strives to develop the future core human capital of South Sudan.

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Kinyeti Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to increasing access to high-quality education for young people and promoting sustainable development in South Sudan.

Kinyeti Foundation's Vision

Our graduates are globally competitive and competent, possessing the skills to create, lead, and to innovate in the global economy.

Kinyeti Foundation's Mission

Our school mission will be anchored on three objectives:

1. To create a model facility, faculty, and program that can be scaled and replicated to meet South Sudan’s critical need for educated leadership at all levels.
2. To identify and recruit students of all genders with strong potential to achieve, regardless of background.
3. To deliver a learning program that meets world-class standards, helping our students to cultivate rigorous intellect and knowledge as well as character and leadership.

Kinyeti Foundation's Theory of Change

South Sudan is a young fledgling democracy. We believe that a great democratic country requires great leaders and that access to high-quality education is the most important factor in developing leaders of all types.

Based on that belief, our theory of change is that if the brightest young South Sudanese students acquire high-quality education, the students will gain access to the most competitive boarding high schools in the world, which will prepare them for the most competitive colleges/universities in the world; where they will gain world-class knowledge and skills, which will make them better leaders, innovators, and social builders committed to social change in our communities and our country.

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