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Help us to bridge the learning gap for children in underserved communities so they can catch up, get on track and excel in school!

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Our mission is to close the learning gap, reduce the dropout rate, and develop underserved students of all ages and diverse backgrounds by allowing them an equal opportunity for learning and personal growth.

In 2015, we decided to take our tutoring program to another level and established Joseph Learning Lab's (JLL) nonprofit. The key reason for establishing the nonprofit was to bridge the learning gap for many underserved children who fall behind in school.

Parents are constantly calling and asking us to help their children get caught up; and we now have a waiing list of underserved children who need help to catch up, mostly with reading and math. We provide a much-needed environment for after school tutoring and summer enrichment programs. The programs include after school tutoring in reading/ math and other core courses, summer enrichment sessions to keep students on track and curb learning loss, hundreds of meals/snacks to students in low-income families, and student social development sessions with team games/activities/journaling.

JLL is at an optimum functioning level, and we need your support to continue helping children get caught up from falling behind during COVID. Your support would allow us to continue with the successes that we have at our summer enrichment program. For example, we had an impact on 95% of the children reaching grade level and above in reading/comprehension from daily reading labs, increased vocabulary by 30 new words, and reached the goal of reading five (5) books or 30 passages in six weeks. Also, 90% of the children improved in math from daily learning lab applications. The students achieved their goal by 90% for learning multiplication tables from 8's to 12's at 4th grade and above.

More impact would be gained with your support as we continue to help students with challenges at our after school tutoring sessions. For example: 1) A first grade student
who enrolled in our summer enrichment program said to us, "I am not A Reader." After entering second grade he became "A Reader" and was reported as being head of his class. 2) A middle school student who came to us with failed grades "F" in math and other courses has progressed to C's, B's and higher. 3) A high school student on the autism spectrum, gradually became very comfortable with his tutor. After becoming comfortable in the tutoring sessions, he began to excel in math grades and test scores from 30 grade points to 70 and more recently an A.

We are dedicated to supporting children in underserved communities; and have a track record for student retention at a 93% rate. We welcome your support to help children learn.

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