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When you support heroes, they can save more children. We offer mental health and wellness training to the heroes in your community

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The Innocent Justice Foundation (TIJF) has provided mental health and wellness programming, focusing on vicarious trauma mitigation to support Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Teams and their affiliates across the country since 2009. Victim serving work takes an emotional toll, and exposure to child exploitation materials, traumatic events, or victim stories is a requirement of many law enforcement, first-responder, and health and human service professions. Vicarious trauma can be catastrophic to many professionals resulting in depression, burn-out, and sometimes suicide.

The Innocent Justice Foundation is 501(c)(3) charitable organization working to help eradicate child sexual exploitation by offering mental health and wellness training and
resources to support justice and other professionals exposed to traumatic material, events and stories of victims in the work environment, and by educating the public about the epidemic of child exploitation in the United States.

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