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Promoting personal freedom and prosperity in Illinois.

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Illinois Policy is an independent organization generating public policy solutions aimed at promoting personal freedom and prosperity in Illinois.

Illinois’ comeback story starts here.

We educate and engage citizens, lawmakers and the courts to ensure all Illinoisans have:

• An honest, efficient and transparent government
• Access to educational opportunities that prepare each child for the future
• A fair and cost-effective criminal justice system that enhances public safety
• The right to earn a living
• Economic policies that create jobs and opportunity
• Limited taxation

Illinois Policy generates marketable policy solutions to unleash Illinois’ talent and entrepreneurial spirit.

We believe Illinois should be a place where people of all talents, interests and cultural backgrounds can succeed with hard work and ingenuity. We want families to feel confident in planting their roots in Illinois soil. We want to live in a state where communities flourish and good opportunities abound.

This is why we fight.

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