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Created by will.i.am in 2009, the i.am Angel Foundation supports students living below the poverty line in his hometown neighborhood of Boyle Heights/East Los Angeles and beyond, to provide access to after-school tutoring through our i.am College Track program and STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) through First Robotics clubs.

“Every school has a basketball court and many have football fields, but only two businesses benefit from these skill sets, and it’s mostly for boys. Football is great, but my niece will never play for the NFL. With robotics clubs, boys and girls can learn valuable STEM skills and how to work in teams, knowledge that helps secure college scholarships and eventually, high-paying jobs. With FIRST Robotics, every child can be a winner in school, work and in life. My mission is to put a robotics club in every public school,
and we are off to a great start with this new program in Los Angeles." - will.i.am (our founder)