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Global Relief Association For Crises & Emergencies

An anti-trafficking non-profit organization, focusing on human trafficking prevention, based in Cartersville, GA.

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Global Relief Association for Crises & Emergencies (GRACE), was founded in 2012 as an anti-trafficking non-profit. With a focus on human trafficking prevention, GRACE serves communities in Georgia and Thailand. Through our child sponsorship programs at our three centers in Thailand, we provide educational, nutritional, and wellness support to children and families who are at a high risk of being trafficked. Through our GRACE Ambassador Teen Leadership Program, we are instilling leadership principles into the youth of Jenkins County, Georgia while serving the community (both locally and the international GRACE community).

The GRACE mission is to foster social change through strengthening families and eradicating the vulnerabilities of human trafficking and exploitation.

Cartersville, GA
Small organization
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 46-1180163Suggest a profile edit

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