Fundacion Museo de La Plata "Francisco Pascasio Moreno"

Outstanding natural history museum in Argentina

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Fundación Museo de La Plata (FMLP) was created on April 2, 1987, to support the Museo de La Plata economically and financially. its objective is the economic and cultural support of the Museo de La Plata, a natural history museum in La Plata, Argentina, which is part of the Natural Sciences School of the National University of La Plata. In its 35 years of life, FMLP has participated in the remodeling of the museum's rooms, restoration of artworks, organization of seminars and workshops, exhibitions, granting of scholarships to students of the School of Natural Sciences and Museum, etc. FMLP also is responsible for printing the museum's magazine, as well as numerous books and publications to disseminate scientific knowledge. The museum has a neoclassical style building that was recognized, in 1997, as a National Historical Monument. It was founded in 1884 and was the first museum in the city. It has a valuable collection with more than 3 and a half million objects. The permanent exhibition is organized into twenty rooms that invite you to take a journey through time: from the origin of the Universe to man. Visitors can see a wide variety of objects from rocks and minerals, fossil animal skeletons, insects, mammals, birds as well as ceramics from pre-Columbian cultures. In addition, this Museum is an important research center for natural sciences.

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